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Recreational Classes will be continuous with monthly payments!  Tuition rates are PER CLASS and our system automatically calculates the number of class each month to invoice you accordingly.

Don't want to continue? No problem! Email by the 20th to withdraw the following month.



What do athletes wear (attire)?

Any clothing that allows full movement. Bodysuit or one piece bathing suit and shorts. Tight fitting athletic top or long t-shirt to be tucked into shorts or leggings.  Sweat pants can be worn although we try to keep participants so active they may become warm.  Bare feet are best! Please avoid jeans, dresses/skirts, ,buckles, buttons, snaps, zippers or belts.  Long hair must be tied up and off the face.

My desired program is full, what should I do?

If your desired program is full, add your child to the waitlist and see if another class could possibly suit your needs. If a spot becomes available, those on the waitlist will be contacted.

Why do the monthly fees sometimes varies?

Our online system calculates the number of classes each month to invoice you accordingly. Months can be 3 classes, 4 classes or even 5 classes sometimes.

What to bring for Day Camp?

For a full day camp: 3-4 snacks, 1 lunch, optional labelled water bottle (there is a water fountain in the gym), hat and sunscreen for summer day camp. Walking shoes for outside activities.

For 1/2 day camp: 1 snack and the same other items than full day camp.

Please ensure you send snacks you know your kid will eat. It is important your child eats during the day because how active we are.

What do I do if my child does not feel challenged enough?

Email us to let us know and we will see what can be done to remediate the situation.

What are the steps to go in a competitive group?

Email  to get an assessment.

Can I watch my child class?

Yes you can watch you child class. Each of our facilities have a viewing area (some of them are quite small). In some of our facility the viewing area is in the gymnasium. In this case, we ask parents, siblings or relative to do not talk to their children/friends during class.

I have emailed my questions or concerns and have not heard back?

After 4-5 days, if still did not receive an answer, please send your email one more time. Sometimes emails fall in the crack

I want to stop sending my child to gymnastics. What do I do?

Want to stop coming…no problem!! Email by the 20th of the current month so that your fees can be stopped for the following month.

My child stopped coming to gymnastics but my account is still being charged.

If you emailed Yves as per our policy, we apologize. It may have been an oversight on our end. Please resend your email as a friendly reminder.

What is Dreams?

Dreams is our introductory pre-competitive program. In order to be registered in Dreams, they must also be registered in a Recreational Class.

What are the requests for my daughter to join Dreams… 

In order for your child to join the Dreams program, they need to be able to do the following skills: cartwheel, forward roll, backwards roll and a pullover on bars.